Paul McCartney Rearranges, Releases Remix of Duet With Michael Jackson

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Paul McCartney is nothing short of a musical genius. The former Beatles member not only performs, he writes music, rearranges it, and has an ear for the incredibly creative in the music world.

It was back in 1983 when Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson recorded the duet "Say, Say, Say." On his reissued album that came out October 2nd, "Pipes of Peace," McCartney features a new arrangement of the song--one that will surely resonate with fans who recall the original.

“Paul remembered that there were two unused lead vocal performances by Michael and himself," Paul McCartney's lead engineer Steve Orchard explains. "We then rearranged the vocal sequence and inverted the original performance so that Michael opened the first verse instead of Paul, to give the song a different take to the original version. Then we added additional backing vocal parts from the original multi-track to further enhance the instrumental mix."

In other words, what Paul McCartney sang in 1983 is now sung by Michael Jackson, and vice versa.

Did you love Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson performing together decades ago? Do you expect the rerelease of "Say, Say, Say" will put Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney back on the Billboard charts again?

Kimberly Ripley
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