Patton Oswalt Demonstrates How You Own Twitter

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Patton Oswalt has been busy making the Internet his own here lately. While he's always been a popular figure, his 2013 on the Internet is becoming the stuff of legend. It all began with the epic Star Wars filibuster that exploded across the web. Once the animated rendition of Oswalt's fantastic take was released, it pushed the views for the scene up well over the 3 million mark, solidifying its place in Internet lore. It was, however, Oswalt's recent Twitter stream that vaulted him into the hierarchy of Internet royalty with a playfully brilliant rant that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

It started with an innocuous tweet that set the stage for something much larger:

This was followed by this particular tweet:

Which, if taken out of context, looks like Oswalt having a Riley Cooper moment. From here, Oswalt unleashed his barrage, which was done in the "same out of context/finished in the next tweet" style:

It should be noted that things didn't stop there, either. Oswalt went on in this manner for about six more tweets, all of which had fun with the "next tweet for the complete message" format. Needless to say, reaction was swift, as you can see by the retweets and favorites. Some were dismissive, some were supportive. The most notable supporter was quite impressed with Oswalt's work:

Do you share Whedon's mancrush or is just mindless blather by a comedian who needs to stay out of political discussions?