Patti Stanger Regrets Not Having Children


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Patti Stanger has made a lot of smart choices to become the Millionaire Matchmaker, but there is one choice that she is not so happy about. Stanger said in a recent interview that she regrets never having children.

Stanger said that growing up she was taught that you should only have children if you were married and because she had never met the right guy, she never felt like it was the right time for children.

Stanger admitted to being pregnant at one time but says that she had an abortion because she didn't think it was right to have a baby as a single parent and she did not have enough money to support herself or a child.

“‘I was pregnant and I didn’t have enough money and I didn’t think it was ok to have a child and be a single parent,” Stanger said.

The days of searching for Mr. Right for Stanger may be long gone as it seems she has already found him. Stanger is currently dating David Krause who has already bought Stanger a promise ring.

Stanger has not said if the two plan to get married or have children. Although Stanger has said several times that she would still like to have a family. Perhaps the couple will consider adoption. Stanger has already proven that she is a mulittasker who is more than capable of running a successful matchmaking business. Raising a family may require some changes to her life, but she could easily make it happen.

Maybe Stanger will still be able to have the family of her dreams some day. What do you think of her decision to have an abortion and regret for not having children?

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