Patricia Arquette Wants To Wear Overalls To The Academy Awards

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Patricia Arquette has had a long, successful career in Hollywood that includes parts in quite a few award-winning movies and shows, and she's won several herself; but the award she's up for on Sunday night is the big one, and the actress is feeling the pressure. Wishing she could be comfortable on the big night is pretty high up on the list, she says.

“I have no fashion sense, I would love to wear overalls," Arquette said of the Academy Awards.

Arquette admitted that she will be wearing a dress, however, thanks to a good friend of hers who knows her style.

“Turned out, in the way that god works in the most mysterious ways, that my best friend since I was 8 years-old turned out to be an incredible designer… she has an incredible asthetic, the dress is like wearing love, and I want to move through this experience in my true authentic self," she said.

Patricia has already won a staggering 33 awards for her role in Boyhood, the film that could win her an Oscar on Sunday night, but she says that of course the Oscars are the big event. The actress hoped out loud to Us Weekly that she doesn't pass out from nerves.

"It's the grown-up version of going to Disneyland, like, 'Look at that big statue.' I just hope I don't faint," Arquette said.

Arquette admitted to WENN that she didn't do Boyhood for the money--a good thing, since she didn't make much of it. But for her, it was about making a film she cared deeply about.

"It's important to me as an actor to be able to make a living [but] I'm going to tell you something. I paid more money to my babysitter and my dog walker than I made on Boyhood. We didn’t even know if people would even accept this movie, and then to find, at first, that people were moved by the movie. Winning totally blew our minds. I'm so happy for [director] Rick [Linklater] and so happy for the producers, because they gave four million dollars. They gambled on a movie with no safety net, no contracts past seven years… You could've ended up with nothing."

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