Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband's Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]

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Pat Robertson is well-known for making controversial statements. In addition to failed end of the world and presidential election predictions, the well-known conservative Christian has blamed everything from the 9/11 attacks to hurricane Katrina on gay people and non-Christian society.

This week, Robertson has made headlines again, this time for blaming the victim of marital infidelity.

While addressing questions on his Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson told a woman who was cheated on and trying hard to forgive her husband that men can be expected to do that sort of thing. He goes on to tell her that she should be grateful for all of the things he provides for her and attempt to "fall in love with him again."

"Stop. Talking. About. The. Cheating," said Robertson. "He cheated on you. Well, he's a man, ok. So, what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place. On what he does good. Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children?..."

After that, things get a bit cathartic for Robertson, who gets specific on a scenario the question did not even mention.

"You're praying 'oh, God, keep me not to hate him for what he did when he was with that stripper in that hotel room ten years ago and I'll never forgive him...please help me.'"

Robertson goes on to make his excuse for men even clearer, and implies that the woman who sent the question may, in fact, be at fault.

"Like it or not, males have a tendency to, uh, wander a little bit and what you want to do is to make a home so wonderful that he dosen't want to wander."

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