Pat Boone Calls Obama a Marxist, Thinks he Was on a Presidential "Enemies List"

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Pat Boone made a name for himself as a pop star and film actor in the 50s and 60s. While he was well-known for his voice, many might not remember that he is also well-known as a highly religious political conservative. That, in and of itself isn't too odd, but it seems that Boone has now adopted the idea that the president of the United States wants to turn the country into a Marxist dictatorship.

Fox Business News anchor Neil Cavuto brought Boone on his program recently to help critisize President Obama for some economic promises that didn't pan out. Instead, Boone brought a copy of Rules For Radicals and stated that the book, written by Saul Alinsky, trained the president "to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a socialist, a progressive." It was unclear exactly whether Boone was accusing Obama of being trained to be all of those things or if he was simply stating that they were qualities of the book's author, but his message about the president was clear either way.

Even Cavuto couldn't go as far as Boone, and ended up defending the president against Boone's accusations. Cavuto tried to get Boone back on track by insinuating that such wild theories aren't needed to criticize the president, but Boone powered through, and even made it personal by claiming Obama had placed him on some sort of "enemies list."

"Well, I am a target," said Boone. "I was on his enemies list in the first year of his presidency."

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