Pascual Pérez Dies at 55, Major League Baseball Player

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The baseball world loses a great and talented player today as we learn about the death of Pascual Pérez, a baseball player from the Dominican Republic who played for various American-based major league teams.

At the start of Pérez's career, he was signed to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1976, and then was traded to the Atlanta Braves in 1982. During Pérez's career with the Atlanta Braves, he was arrested for cocaine use in the Dominican Republic between 1983 and 1984, and did not return to the Braves until the end of this controversy.

In 1987, Pérez signed a contract with the Montreal Expos in Canada. Pérez returned back to American baseball in 1990 when he was signed with the New York Yankees, but only played with them for approximately one year before his suspension from baseball due to violating the MLB's drug policy. This suspension cost Pérez his career.

On November 1st, 2012, Pascual Pérez was found dead at the age of 55 in the Dominican Republican as a result of being stabbed to death in a robbery related incident. Various fans of Pérez's career have posted their respects via Twitter.

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