Parma Standoff Takes Place in Apartment Complex

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Early this morning a standoff occurred in Parma, Ohio. Commotion began around 5:30 am when Towerview Apartment residents heard a man yelling and glass breaking.

The man reportedly lived on the third floor of the apartment complex. Neighbors called the cops and they arrived in body armour and carried automatic rifles as they pulled up in two SWAT vans, according to

When the man saw that the officers had arrived he yelled out that he was armed with a MAC-10 and they should put their arms up. He also threw things out the apartment windows. After a short time period he barricaded himself in an apartment and stopped interacting with anyone outside.

According to FOX 8 News,"Officers opened his third-floor apartment door and the man retreated into another room, where he continued to hide. He was finally tased and taken into custody, then taken to Parma Hospital for self-inflicted injuries."

When he was in police custody he was transported to the Parma Hospital with minor wounds and will be undergoing a mental evaluation. also said, "Towerview residents described the man who engaged in the standoff as being in his 20s. A resident leaving for work at 10:30 a.m. who declined to give his name, said he knew the man, described him as "quiet," and said no one had a problem with him until today."