Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Win Exposes Chelsea F.C.


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After a decisive home victory over Chelsea FC, it is French side Paris Saint-Germain FC that is in the driver seat going into the second leg of the Champions League matchup.

If the 3-1 victory made PSG feel confident of their chances to get to the semifinals, it certainly made the Blues feel somewhat anxious.

The London team's nerves aren't helped by manager José Mourinho. He went straight to the press about his troubles with Chelsea's shortcomings, heaping blame and pressure on his team.

This brand of psychological warfare is typical of the Portuguese manager and it is perhaps why his second spell at the London club could be shorter than his first.

Media blame-games aside, the trip to Paris exposed Chelsea's lack of reliable strikers. It's an area of the team that has been dangerously neglected.

Since taking the helm, Mourinho has managed to navigate Chelsea to near the top of the Barclay's Premier League. For all of Mourinho's grumbling, Chelsea still have chance at the title.

The Blues are one of two English teams (the other is Manchester United FC) remaining in the Champions League at this late stage of the competition.

What's hindering the London club is a lack of consistent fire power.

It's not like the Blues lack strikers. Fernando Torres, remember him? He's a striker. Though he won't be a Chelsea striker for much longer if rumors are to be believed.

He simply isn't consistent in front of goal, and it is the lack of consistent striking power going forward that makes the Blues far less lethal than they should be.

This is especially true when they are away from Stamford Bridge. This is when they are less confident and more apt to drop points.

Ironically, some of the best strikers that Chelsea had were gifted to rival teams.

Daniel Sturridge was sold to Liverpool FC and now finds himself part of the deadliest striking partnership in the Barclay's Premier League. Romelu Lukaku was loaned out to Everton FC and is now the tenth best striker in the Premier League this season.

Chelsea can do nothing about the mistakes of the past. The club can only hope to properly address the issue when the season is over.

For now, the Blues must concentrate on somehow getting past PSG when the second leg brings the French team to Stamford Bridge.

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