Paris Hilton's Phone Hacker In Trouble Again

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Paris Hilton's phone hacker is in the news again and it seems this guy just can't be around a computer without getting deep into trouble.

Cameron Lacroix, 25, aka "cam0" or "Freak" or "leetjones", hacked into Hilton's phone in 2005 and leaked pictures of the heiress that he obtained. He then spent 11 months in a juvenile detention center for his crime.

Lacroix actually has a huge rap sheet to answer for, like 18 counts of computer hacking related crimes in 2008. He is also guilty of making bomb threats at two different high schools and breaking into a telephone company’s electronic records to set up phone accounts for his friends.

This time, Paris Hilton's nemesis (well, one of them anyway) is on the hook for breaking into his community college's records and changing his grades and those of a few classmates. He also accessed law enforcement records, which contained "highly sensitive law enforcement data" such as "police reports, intelligence reports, arrest warrants, and sex offender information."

He then iced the cake with access to bank account records for thousands of people. All of these exploits began just three months after he was released from prison for Paris Hilton's phone incident. He was ordered to surrender a Toshiba notebook computer and a thumb drive seized by police investigators.

On a side note, is anyone else wondering why a kid with this much obvious skill is in community college?

A US distric attorney stated in a press release that Lacroix has agreed to plead guilty to all charges and will serve four years in prison. Those will be followed by three years of “supervised release.”

Then he will work for the NSA. Just putting that out there. It seems a good match, but only time will tell if this kid can pull together and make a career as a "white hat".

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