Paris Hilton Phone Hacker Pleads Guilty To String Of Cyber Crimes

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Cameron Lacroix, also known as “cam0,” “leetjones,” or “Freak,” is once again in trouble with the authorities. In 2005, Lacroix hacked Paris Hilton’s cellphone and leaked incriminating photos of the socialite.

Now, Lacroix is facing new charges as he allegedly stole bank information from over 14,000 account holders. Prosecutors said that he has been doing it for the last three years. He is also accused of breaking into the network of a law enforcement computer and computers in his college. He is facing two counts of computer intrusion and one count of access device fraud.

The 25-year-old hacked into the computers at Bristol Community College several times in order to manipulate his grades and the grades of two other college students. In 2012, he hacked into a computer at the Massachusetts police department and gained access to private information, such as sex offender information, arrest warrants, intelligence reports, and police reports.

According to the US District Attorney, Lacroix already agreed to plead guilty to all the charges. He will be serving four years in jail, followed by three years of supervised release.

After the Paris Hilton incident, Lacroix already served 11 months in a juvenile detention center. He was a minor at that time, and was said to be the youngest member of a hacker group.

In addition to the hacking activities, Lacroix has also pleaded guilty to being responsible for making bomb threats to two separate high schools. In 2005, the prosecutors reported that Lacroix’s victims sustained $1 million in damages due to his criminal activities.

Prosecutors are now asking Lacroix to surrender a thumb drive and his Toshiba notebook computer, which he used for his hacking activities.

The FBI Boston Division Cyber Task Force department investigated Lacroix’s case. Bristol Community College also cooperated with the investigation.

Lacroix’s plea hearing has not been scheduled yet.

Image via Paris Hilton, Twitter

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