Paris Hilton Issues a Threat After Brother Barron Hilton is Attacked

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You know the long-standing feud between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan? Well, things just got a little more heated. According to TMZ, Paris is furious after her younger brother Barron Hilton was hospitalized following an attack. Barron posted a picture of his injuries to Instagram and claimed that he was attacked because of Lindsay Lohan. Paris is now in big sister mode and has threatened Lohan online.

TMZ reported that Barron was attacked at a party he attended in Miami. Apparently, the 24-year-old made some rude comments in Lohan's direction, which prompted her to get another guy to cave his face in. Even though Lohan claims she wasn't even at the party when Barron was attacked, TMZ shared a cell phone video that clearly shows Barron and his friends confronting her.

While Lohan's dad Michael claims that his daughter has alibis that will prove she wasn't involved in the attack, a source confirmed Barron's story with Page Six. The sourced said that Lohan ordered a friend to beat up Barron and says that the young Hilton filed a police report:

They had been partying all night, when Lindsay’s current boy toy started talking to Barron about what a nightmare she is and how he wants to end things with her. Barron sympathized with him, but Lindsay overheard and was so angry he was ‘talking smack’ about her. She ordered her friend [to] beat up Barron.

Barron has filed a police report naming Lindsay Lohan and his attacker, who is a friend of hers. Miami police are looking for them both. Barron’s face is a mess and he has been seen by a doctor. He is the victim and is really shaken up.

After Barron posted the following photo of his injuries to Instagram and blamed Lohan, Paris commented saying "They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!" Both Barron and Paris deleted their comments regarding Lohan, but nothing ever really goes away on the Internet.

Nicky Hilton made a comment on Twitter that many believe was related to the attack:

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