Paris Hilton Headed for the Altar Herself?

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Paris Hilton has hit the headlines lately for something besides her own activities. When sister Nicky Hilton was married on Friday, Paris stood as her Maid of Honor.

Nicky Hilton once talked about having her bridesmaids in an array of sherbet-colored dresses. Paris Hilton said that she was comfortable wearing whatever her designer sister came up with for her.

“I know that Nicky has impeccable taste so the bridesmaid dresses are going to be beautiful,” Paris said.

In the end, Paris wore pale a blue chiffon gown and diamond drop necklace which coordinate well with her mother, whose dress was the same color and was paired with pearls.

But what about Paris herself? Might wedding bells be in her future?

Paris and Nicky both have had youthful flings, but both appear to be settling down into relationships that befits their inherited social standing. As heirs of hotelier Conrad Hilton, the sisters mix with titans of finance and business.

Nicky Hilton just married a banking magnate. Paris Hilton is now dating Thomas Gross, who sold his company RunningBAll for $150 million in 2012.

Paris appears to have fallen hard for Thomas Gross. Just before meeting him she had said, "I'm doing what I want. I don't really have time for a boyfriend. I'd rather be single."

Now she posts to Instagram, calling him her "soulmate."


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Might there be another Hilton castle wedding in the not-too-distant future?

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