Paris Hilton Dresses As Miley For Halloween, Too!


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There are many choices for Halloween costumes for 2013; however, it appears that many are choosing the same one. First, there was Joan Rivers, and then Hugh Hefner's wife (Crystal Harris), and now it has been reported that Paris Hilton is also part of the action. What action you might ask? Dressing as Miley Cyrus during the infamous VMA performance, of course!

On Saturday, Paris attended a Halloween party at Hefner's Playboy mansion (along with his Miley-dressed wife) and was all dressed and made-up in full Miley Cyrus VMA gear. The 32-year-old model/actress/socialite/whatever-else-you-want-to-call-her, Paris Hilton, even took to Twitter to use the phrase that is becoming quite popular this year, "Twerk or Treat" when speaking about her costume.

Many seemed impressed with the replica of the costume that everyone seems to want to duplicate this year. Some fans even claimed that Paris's impression of Miley was better than the real thing.

Paris Hilton is known to have a flair for dressing up, and judging by her past Halloween costumes, there is no reason to doubt that she aims to deliver a unique angle to the trendiest costumes going.


[Images Via Facebook]