Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Watch the Trailer


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Lest we imagine Hollywood lacks strategy in trailer timing, several Horror flicks are seeing the light of day in advance of Halloween. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, exposed the trailer yesterday (shown above). Fans of the franchise will find the same heart-stopping thrills and "found-footage" camera tricks they've come to love, but fair warning, this is not Paranormal Activity 5. It is considered a Latino spinoff. The Marked Ones appears in theaters starting January 2014 and 5 will follow in October.

The setting for this version is said to be a "heavily Latino-populated region of California" circa 2012. And the producers are betting you want to get in on some of the Activity, promoting a contest asking fans to, "Tag your city," in a photo with #TheMarkedOnes, to bring the film to the winning city first (see below).

Early reviewers credit The Marked Ones with staying true to the mythology of the first three films rather than, "the muddled" fourth. Other than that however, it may also be a regurgitation of a gimmick whose time has passed.

Trading on the old babysitter motif of the horror genre, All Hallow's Eve, will be in theaters just in time for, well, All Hallow's Eve. The cast is a series of relative unknowns, not uncommon for the genre, led by redhead Katie Maguire who has some credits in shorts, soaps and as a waitress in an episode of Sex and the City.

And of course, we've all been enjoying the trailers of the revamped Carrie, premiering in theaters today. Adapted from the 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King story, this time Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass, Dark Shadows, Hugo) plays the troubled teen and yes, ladies, hold onto your feminine products, Carrie suffers through that old horrible locker room shower scene all over again.


[Image via YouTube and Carrie official Facebook.]