Pamela Anderson Speaks Out About Her Rocky Marriage


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Pamela Anderson has been no stranger to controversy throughout her career, particularly when it comes to her tumultuous (and often short) relationships. The actress and Playboy model this week spoke out about her current marriage for the first time since her latest divorce scare.

An Us Magazine report quotes Anderson as saying that her marriage to Rick Salomon is "good" and "doing fine." She also stated that she and her husband are "good friends." On the topic of whether the marriage will last, however, Anderson hedged her bets, saying, "who knows?"

Anderson and Salomon first married in October 2007 in Las Vegas. That marriage quickly turned sour and Anderson filed for divorce just ten weeks later. The couple officially split in March 2008.

Almost six years later the couple had repaired their relationship. Anderson and Salomon quietly remarried in January of this year.

Since that time their second marriage has been following a familiar trajectory. Anderson filed for divorce in July, though the breakup was called off later that month.

Anderson made her comments at a charity event in New York City. The actress has become well-known in recent years for her charity work. Anderson has worked with PETA on animal rights campaigns for decades now and was also a spokesperson for the MAC AIDS Fund.

In May of this year Anderson promoted the launch of her own charity, the Pamela Anderson Foundation, by revealing a dark secret from her past. In a heartfelt speech the actress revealed that she had been sexually abused as a child and raped as a teenager.

Recently the actress partnered with hundreds of animal activists to save thousands of pilot whales from being slaughtered in a yearly Faroe Islands celebration known as the "grind." She also refused to take part in the popular ALS ice bucket challenge, citing animal testing done for ALS research.