Pam Bondi Requests Stay On Florida’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriages

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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi requested on Friday, October 22, that the stay on Florida’s ban on same-sex marriages imposed in August be extended until the 11th Circle Court rules on the matter. Lifting the stay would allow same-sex marriages in Florida.

On August 21, US District Judge Robert L. Hinkle ruled that Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, but that he would stay his ruling until “the US Supreme Court resolves the pending applications, at that time, from Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia,” according to American Civil Liberties Union executive director Howard Simon. On October 6, the US Supreme Court announced it would no longer accept appeals on federal court decisions on same-sex marriages in Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia, along with Wisconsin and Indiana, which prompted the ACLU to follow up with Hinkle on October 7 to lift the stay in Florida so that same-sex marriages could happen in that state.

Friday marked the deadline for Bondi’s response to the ACLU’s request. “It's disappointing that Attorney General Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott have chosen to continue to swim against the tide of inevitable history and block Florida families from having the protections that come with being married. We are hopeful that the court will reject the state’s effort to keep the stay in place and allow marriages to go forward and be recognized in Florida,” said Simon.

Bondi reportedly filed last week with Third District Court of Appeal in Miami. She requested that the highest court of Florida decide on whether the ban on same-sex marriages is legal, saying that “changed circumstances” warrant the ban’s review there.

Meanwhile, some of Bondi’s detractors have been criticizing the Attorney General for her active participation in filing briefs in states other than Florida. Bondi, with the Republican Attorneys General Association, has opposed the ban on semiautomatic weapons in Connecticut and the cleanup of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Neither of these actions respond to issues in Florida.

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