Paltrow Elimination Diet Book Cuts Out Meat, Wheat, and Sugar

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Gwyneth Paltrow may be most famous for her acting abilities, but the oscar-winning actress would really like you to know just how meticulously she plans her diet. The star and co-writer Julia Turshen will soon release a cookbook filled with recipes from Paltrow's "elimination diet."

According to the publisher's book description, Paltrow was once diagnosed as anemic and vitamin D deficient. She was placed on an "elimination diet" the star maintains helped her from feeling fatigued. Paltrow supposedly uses the diet when she needs to "feel more energetic" or "lose weight," which seems suspicious since the actress has never been considered overweight (other than when wearing a fatsuit in the movie Shallow Hal).

Elimination diets are based on the idea that certain foods should be avoided altogether, due to food allergies or some other reason. In Paltrow's case, this meant she cut out coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, shellfish, deep-water fish, wheat, meat, soy, or anything processed.

That wouldn't seem to leave much to eat, but the new book manages to come up with 185 different recipes that don't have any of those things. Highlights include huevos rancheros and salmon burgers, but the "power brownies" and "banana 'ice cream'" mentioned probably won't live up to their sugary namesakes.

The book, titled It's All Good, will be out starting April 2.

Those who don't particularly care what Paltrow eats on a daily basis may be happy to learn that she won't be giving up her day job to become a cooking author just yet. Paltrow will reprise her role as Tony Stark lover Pepper Potts in this summer's upcoming Iron Man 3 and has been cast as artist Dora Maar in an upcoming Pablo Picasso biopic.

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