Pajamas: The Newest Fashion Craze


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How many times have we rolled out of bed in our pajamas and taken the kids to school, gone to class, or run to the corner market? Enough to know that you usually would prefer not to be seen by most of your social circle. Go ahead and take off the gigantic dark sunglasses, step out of the car and stroll your way into whatever early morning visit that awaits your your pajamas.

New York September Fashion Week is always a must-see event to snag a peek at the latest trends, and there's always a style or two that raises the perfectly tweezed eyebrow. This year it was pajamas. Most were pretty skeptical at first mention of the next big trend, envisioning baggy sweats or yet another scantily clad lingerie model traipsing down the runway. Designer Alexander Wang calmed the nitpicking nerves of New York Fashion Week when he unveiled his take on the trend with classy collared shorts sets in simple solids and pinstripes.

Fashion gurus warn against taking this trend too far, citing a few do's and don't if you dare to tackle the pajama trend. Always wear heels, dress up the look (no wrinkles please) and when in doubt just look towards the celebs for guidance.

Marc Jacobs has long been known for sporting classy, dressed up pajamas around town, and Rihanna donned the look as she walked the red carpet in pj's at Barclays Center in Brooklyn looking anything but the girl who just rolled out of bed.

Just as society has varying views on what's appropriate to wear in public, this newest fashion trend will garner interpretations from across the spectrum. Lingerie is pajamas. Some of us sleep in the nude. Philosophy students all over the globe will argue that the pajama trend is what you make it. If you can fall asleep in it, you can call it pajamas. So, when it comes time for retailers to start purchasing this fashion free-for-all, where would they start? Lace teddies to the office and over-sized sweats to jury duty is not what designers are hoping for.

Personally, I say wear whatever you want and make your own fashion statement. I think Grandpa has it down pat in his footed onesie pajama ensemble. Warm, functional, and it goes with his eyes.

Image via Tosh.O