Paget Brewster Revisits “Criminal Minds” in 200th Episode


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When actress Paget Brewster comes to mind, most television enthusiasts automatically think of FBI Agent Emily Prentiss of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) stationed in Quantico, VA. However, she's not a real FBI agent, but she does a hell of a job portraying one on the CBS hit drama series, “Criminal Minds.”

The heavily favored series officially began making strides to roll the cameras yet again on May 9, 2013, as CBS announced the renewal of Criminal Minds for an impressive ninth season. While Paget Brewster no longer has a recurring role on the show, it's been confirmed that she will be appearing in the 200th episode of the show this season, TVGuide reports. Now, some may be wondering why Paget Brewster's return is causing such a stir?

Well, lets rewind: In season six, Prentiss is notified by her former Interpol superiors that a prisoner by the name of Ian Doyle has escaped from a North Korean prison. That evening, she arrives home to find an anonymous package containing a gift in the form of a purple flower. The gesture immediately takes her back to a time in her life eight years prior. During this time, Prentiss was actually Doyle's lover during an undercover heist to bring him down.

Her betrayal of his love led to his downfall which ultimately landed him in jail – in North Korea. After escaping, he travels to the United States to seek revenge. She tracks him first in Boston, and attempts to kill him. However, it's only a trap, as he knew she's come. He stabs her, escapes, and she allegedly dies. They go through the motions of a funeral and proper burial. But, in the last scene, Agent Jennifer Jarreau, affectionately known as JJ, meets with her where she's hiding out in Paris. She's given a lump sum of money and passports to three different countries as an incentive to move on with her life.

Fast forward to season seven, Prentiss makes an executive decision to return to the BAU. However, her return is short-lived due to the scrutiny she and her team receive from Section Chief Erin Strauss and other superiors in life of disclosure surrounding her 'death.'

During the season seven finale, Prentiss receives an offer to relocate to London and work for Interpol again. It wasn't made clear whether she accepted or declined the position. However, it was stated that she did relocate to London in season eight. Now, in wake of season nine, the highly favored Agent Prentiss will make yet another return to the BAU. How long will it last? Is it permanent? No one knows, so you'll have to watch!

Season 9 of“Criminal Minds” kicked off Sept. 25 on CBS. The 200th episode of Criminal Minds” is slated to premiere some time in February of 2014.


Image via Twitter | Paget Brewster