Ozzy Wants Charity Donations For His Birthday


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When most people think about Ozzy Osbourne, they think of darkness and loud music. You might not expect him to donate a lot to charity. In reality, Ozzy is not only a dark and loud rocker, but a family man and someone who is dedicated to helping others.

Ozzy recently turned 65 and said that the only thing he would like for his birthday is for everyone to donate to Britain's Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The singer made his request on Twitter and provided the link to the charity.

Celebrities often get bombarded with gifts from other celebs, fans and various stores and companies. While many celebrities enjoy these high-priced gifts and high-end items, it looks like Ozzy has grown tired of them and has decided he would rather help others instead.


Several other celebs have asked for similar donations to be made to various charities, including the Marsden Cancer Charity. The Royal Marsden raises millions of dollars every year to put towards cancer research and the development of new medicines and treatments for the disease.

If you want to honor Ozzy's birthday request, you can donate to the charity at Ozzy's Just Giving birthday page. Don't forget to wish the Prince Of Darkness a Happy Birthday while you are at it.

Image from Twitter.