Outlawed Japanese Whalers Intend To Keep Killing Whales


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The Japanese whale hunters plan to keep killing whales in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, even though they lost an International Court of Justice case filed against them by Australia, which banned their hunts in that part of the ocean.

Their slaughter of whales that has continued for years under the disguise of "scientific research" was deemed invalid by the court.

The International Court of Justice found that their hunts were a commercial activity disguised as scientific research.

Even with the banned hunts in place by court order, the Japanese said they plan to continue whaling, abiding by the ruling, but will resume in a different format.

The announcement has outraged environmentalists who hailed last month’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) order.

Trust in the Japanese whale hunting fleet has already been broken after their Fisheries Agency director explained that minke whale meat is, “prized because it is said to have a very good flavor and aroma when eaten as sashimi and the like.” He added that, “the scientific whaling program … was necessary to achieve a stable supply of minke whale meat.”

According to the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd who deliberately obstruct the Japanese hunts in an effort to save whales:

"In a blatant show of defiance of the recent landmark ruling in The Hague by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) has today filed court briefs stating they intend to return to hunt whales in the Southern Ocean for the 2015-2016 season with a newly designed "research" program and will seek a permanent injunction against Sea Shepherd USA — despite the fact the USA entity is no longer operating in the Southern Ocean — and will also seek to enjoin other Sea Shepherd entities."

Sea Shepherd founder, Paul Watson, said: "They're going to do lethal whaling. They need the meat to send back to pay for it."

"The Plaintiffs expect that they will be conducting a Southern Ocean research program for subsequent seasons that would be in accord with the ICJ decision," the memorandum says.

Australian Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson said the federal government needs to take action to make sure that the ICJ decision was enforced.

"The prime minister needs to immediately issue a public statement that he will not accept a return to Southern Ocean whaling and will pursue all legal avenues to prevent it happening," he said on Saturday.

Image via Wikimedia Commons