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Outdoor Furniture And Garden Additions For Spring

Ah, Spring! …is definitely not what it feels like yet. But that’s alright. If you live somewhere like I do (where you get about four seasons in four days), you’ve got to be ready for that window...
Outdoor Furniture And Garden Additions For Spring
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  • Ah, Spring!

    …is definitely not what it feels like yet.

    But that’s alright. If you live somewhere like I do (where you get about four seasons in four days), you’ve got to be ready for that window of windows-down-weather. While we wait with bated breath for barometers to predict an imminent future of sunshine and sixty-something degree weather, it’s the perfect time to research the patio sets from which we’ll soon make spring memories.

    Maybe you genuinely enjoy family dinners outside. Or maybe you just do it because the little one always paints the kitchen walls into something reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre long before dessert. Whatever your reasons, the top dining sets from last year comprise immediate family accommodations, as well as arrangements offering breathing room when extended family like Aunt Cat-Hoarder arrives with Tinkerbell the Tabby en tow.

    Small Dining Sets
    You won’t be saying “ow!” in the OW Lee’s Gios Modern 5 Piece Dining Set. Although this ultra-contemporary style may look sharp with its geometric shapes, it’s quite functional. The 100 percent aluminum resists rust and corrosion (which means it won’t be falling apart this time next year).

    Or if you like the look of wicker, Lloyd Flanders’ “Reflections” Wicker Dining Set made number two for small dining sets. With smooth weave all-weather wicker and ComfortPlush cushions made for ultimate outdoor relaxation, this set might best suit those leaning toward traditional American style.

    Larger Dining Sets
    Need an upgrade? You might need a telescope to see across Telescope Casual’s Leeward MGP large dining table. This 9 piece set is eco friendly and super durable with Marine Grade Polymer framing and fast drying slings. With both motion-based and stationary seating options, the chairs also have high backs for extra support and sling material that allows firmness and comfort for your caboose.

    Wow, OW! Manufacturer OW Lee procured a top slot with large dining sets as well as the smaller ones. The Classico 7 Piece Dining Set is described as having an old world style. With wrought iron, intricate arm scrolls, lattice back designs, this hand crafted work also has reticulated foam cushions

    If you’re one to make hay whether or not the sun’s shining (or making you warm), perhaps a pit o’ fire would be a fun outdoor addition while waiting for that temp to rise:

    Color Popping
    Perhaps you can’t be bothered with buying new stuff, though. Also, your lawn chair might be a little rusty, but it’s also where you heard your daughter say her first words last summer. So, if you want to usher in some changes with a little outdoor feng-shui, there are always ways to revamp without breaking the bank.

    Aimee Beatty, in-house stylist at Pier 1, talked about enjoying new shades in the sun, saying, “Incorporating pops of color with furniture and accessories adds personality and flare.” Indeed, one such furniture-fan favorite is Pier 1’s Paris-inspired Neely Bistro Set you can get in either red or peacock blue with rust-resistant cast aluminum.

    Beatty adds, “Brightly colored furniture is also a quick way to punch up a small space.”

    Paint It Black Back

    Yeah! Adding pops of color is fun.

    But so is adding color with pops or mom; why not recruit the fam and go over that existing paint chipped deck chair with a new coat from Lowe’s? One of the best summer memories I had as a dorky teen was helping my mom go over an old bench with this hideous (sorry , mom) green paint. It was ugly, stunk, and the bench has served as a slowly disintegrating termite dinner over the years. But I don’t remember playing online games that summer (even though that’s pretty much how I spent 90% of my time) so much as that “chore” that turned into a fun memory.

    Maybe try a fun project like this one:

    Natural Lounge
    For an addition that’s great for lounging outside, designer Elaine Smith has a collection of outdoor pillows inspired by her equal appreciation of fashion and nature. With everything from tropical hula skirt motifs to zebra prints, she certainly accomplishes a variety of looks. Smith says, “I like using and re imagining traditional motifs, and creating designs with a timeless feel.”

    Or maybe you want to really get serious about lazy time and bring paradise to yourself.

    No holiday? No problem! Pop on that Youtube playlist with noises of the ocean sloshing around, and sink into a nice hammock for the day. However, as someone who’s fallen from one poorly slung from two trees, could I tell you it doesn’t feel awesome and suggest perhaps something like a standalone hammock?

    Night Lights
    When the sun sets, and it’s too dark to see any of the bright furniture or fun designs anyway, Frontgate has these great glowing orbs shaped like a ball. One reviewer commented the orb addition is the “talk of the neighborhood, lights up the entire pool, with its color changes floating around. Absolutely love it and want to purchase more.”

    You can add one to your garden, pool, pathway, or wherever. You could even watch the dog snatch it up, and use the remote control it comes with to make him gently radiate a variety of pastels as he trots through the garden. I personally would recommend some interference instead should this happen – even though it’s unbreakable and it might be eight hours before you notice, since that’s how long the battery charge lasts.

    Don’t worry. Waffle’s ball is dog friendly.

    For readers who skim, not read, I’ll recap: To light up your lawn, go here.

    To light up your LabradraDoodle, go here.

    Have fun dressing up your gardens and patios and dogs this spring, ladies and gents!

    Have even more fun making memories in it with those you love!

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