Ottawa Shootings: Parliament And War Memorial Among Scenes Of Violence

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Citizens across Ottawa, Canada are presently experiencing a lock-down situation as reports emerge that a series of shootings have taken place in the capital city.

Though the story is still developing, it's believed that the first outbreak of shooting happened at the War Memorial. An unknown gunman opened fire, hitting a soldier. The wounded man was soon after rushed to a nearby hospital.

It was confirmed by Jason Kenney, a member of the Canadian House of Commons, that the soldier has died.

According to Reuters, a witness saw the masked gunman hijack a vehicle and drive towards Parliament.

The driver was reportedly not harmed by the shooter.

A short while later, there was gunfire exchanged between Parliament security officials and at least one armed man.

Not long after the incident at Parliament, shots were reported near Rideau Centre Mall.

A reporter for The Globe And Mail who was inside Parliament at the time officials exchanged fire with at least one individual recorded video footage of the harrowing incident:

There are presently conflicting reports as to the state of the gunman. Some sources say that the individual is dead while others are saying that this has yet to be confirmed for certain.

Also a source of disagreement is the number of parties said to be responsible for the shootings.

While some claim that it was a lone gunman responsible for the three shootings, there are also reports that at least one other person is being sought by authorities.

Aside from the soldier at the War Memorial, two other individuals were reportedly hospitalized in connection with today's incidents:

No members of Parliament were believed to have been injured during any of the shootings.

More details to come as information about the shootings is confirmed.

UPDATE (1:20 PM)

Shooter confirmed dead; this is the man credited with taking down the shooter:

Military bases are being closed across Canada as a precaution:

UPDATE (1:27 PM)

Possible eye-witness confirmation that the first gunman was killed:

Eye-witness tweets claim the first gunman was killed before the third shooting took place near the Rideau Centre Mall:

This would confirm reports that more than one shooter is involved.

UPDATE (1:39 PM)

Due to today's events, the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators has been postponed:

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