Oscar Pistorius To Face Gun Charges In Murder Trial of Girlfriend


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Oscar Pistorius was an incredibly inspiring man. Being a double amputee below the knee on both legs, it seemed out of the question that he would be able to run, much less competitively. He went on to show the world and its assumptions wrong, however; the South African native has brought home multiple gold and silver medals from multiple Paralympic games, including one gold and one silver medal from last year's London games. He worked with multiple charities and was an inspiration to other paraplegic athletes everywhere; his story was heartwarming and inspiring. It has taken a toll for the worse, however, as Pistorius faces the heated murder trial of his girlfriend, with him as the defendant.

Pistorius was charged with murder in February of 2013, when his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was found dead in his home in South Africa. The victim, a renown beauty and one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The Worold, was found shot a total of four times. Pistorius was put on trial for the murder as well as the illegal possession of ammunition. As of today, he has also been charged with two firearm charges, "believed to relate to recklessly firing guns in public."

These charges are believed to have taken place before the actual murder, but the prosecution still won permission to add the charges to the main case that is set to go to trial in March of next year, 2014. Pistorius' defense team was informed about the charges today, but they seemed unsurprised; they said that the charges were not new, and that they had been brought up at the beginning of the trial, but not officially enacted. They did not elaborate any further on the new charges.

Despite the positive and inspiring image often reflected of Pistorius by the media and his official website, this trial is not the only instance of the athlete showing dangerous behavior. Allegedly, he shot through the sunroof of a former girlfriend's car and set off a fire extinguisher in a public restaurant only a few weeks before the murder took place. As Yahoo news eloquently phrases it, "the killing sent shock waves around the world and since then his reckless past and love of fast cars, beautiful women and guns has emerged in the media."

[Image courtesy of this YouTube video.]