Organic Turkey: Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

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Organic turkey is a hot topic in these days before Thanksgiving, with many folks wondering if they're worth the extra cost.

According to Consumer Reports, the answer is yes.

One of the best reasons to buy an organic turkey doesn't come from what the bird offers, but in what it doesn't. Organic turkeys are raised without antibiotics. Those antibiotics are known for causing a wealth of health problems.

So how do consumers know their turkey is truly organic? Start by reading the labels on the turkeys you're considering very carefully. One of the best guarantees that your turkey wasn't raised with antibiotics is the "USDA Organic/No Antibiotic" label. Another is "USDA Process Verified." The third label that ensures you're getting an organic turkey free of antibiotics reads, "Animal Welfare Approved."

Some marketers will try to fool you, so beware. If you want to buy an organic turkey but see labels reading "antibiotic free," "no antibiotic residue," or "no antibiotic growth promotants," steer clear. These claims are all as yet unapproved.

Of course the best way to ensure you are buying an organic turkey is to have a great relationship with your local grocer or butcher, and to simply trust that they will steer you clear of all else.

When that's not the case, rely on the aforementioned labels.

Will you be buying an organic turkey for Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Kimberly Ripley
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