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Wherever your worldly travels take you, there's a pretty good chance that they will lead you into a bar. If not, I don't really know what kind of traveling you're doing - but it's not very fun.

And next to "Hello," "I need a hospital," and "No, I'm not an American spy," the phrase "I'd like to order a beer" is probably the most important thing to know when traveling abroad. Well, that and the subsequent "¿Dónde está el baño?"

Lucky for all you travelers out there, there's a new app that helps you quench your other kind of thirst for adventure. It's called Pivo, and it helps you order a beer in 59 different languages. The app was released in June of this year - so I'm a little late on this. But it's just so damn cool.

"Are you heading off to travel the world? Visiting a new country? Or have you just booked a holiday? Before you pack your suitcase you need to download this app. Pivo teaches you how to order a beer in 59 different languages; each with the correct spelling, phonetic pronunciations and supporting videos from native speakers to help you along the way," says the app's creators.

And the instructional videos are all available offline. So even when you're in some dark, basement beer dungeon in Belgium with spotty connectivity, you can still get your tripel on.

Here's how the idea for the app was born:

"We landed in Prague and headed straight to the nearest bar. After catching the attention of the barmaid, we realised neither of us knew how to order a beer in Czech! We Googled it, nothing, we asked Jeeves and even he didn't know! So we thought there must be an app for that but there wasn't...Pivo was born."

You can download Pivo for iOS. It'll run you $0.99.

Josh Wolford
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