OnLive Launches Touch-Controlled L.A. Noire


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A touch controlled version of L. A. Noire is now available through OnLive and your favorite touch screen device.

For those unfamiliar with OnLive, the company provides video game content from the cloud to your PC or mobile device. All of the games computing is done in the cloud eliminating the need for fancy hardware. If your computer can run an app, it can run OnLive.

The company released a set of tablet apps late last year, expanding their PC cloud gaming concept into the mobile market.

Around that time, Rockstar Games announced that it was working on tough screen controls for L. A. Noire, making gameplay experience feel more like it was designed for the tablet. (For most games, onscreen virtual buttons are used, or the OnLive wireless controller.)

Rockstar has come through on this promise and L. A. Noire is now available with these features. If you currently own L. A. Noire, simply load the game up on your mobile app and play by directly swiping your finger across the screen.

Unfortunately, at this point, you will have to use an android tablet. OnLive is still attempting to get an iOS version of its mobile service approved with Apple. The company announced their intentions to have this done last December, so it could be a case where Apple isn't satisfied with the apps performance. Or they may feel the service will draw attention away from their own game apps. It's all speculation at this point, as neither company will comment on the situation.