Omarosa Fired by Donald Trump (Again)


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During her appearance on the first season of The Apprentice, Omarosa Manigault made the show a hit with her portrayal as a confrontational, cutthroat contestant. However, her ruthlessness wasn't enough to guarantee her the win, and she was fired by Donald Trump halfway through the show.

Manigault went on to become known simply as Omarosa, starring in several reality TV shows. She continued to play up to her reputation, making waves wherever she went.

In the current season of Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa has finally returned to the show that made her a reality TV star. Unfortunately, she has now heard Trump tell her she is fired for a second time.

This week on the show, Omarosa entered the boardroom with Dennis Rodman and Lil Jon. While arguing for her place on the show, Piers Morgan, working on Trump's side of the desk, told Omarosa that she is "not a celebrity."

Despite her arguments, Trump narrowed his firing candidates to Omarosa and Rodman. Trump eventually decided that Rodman will be staying on Celebrity Apprentice, if for nothing else than his "redemption story."

"Omarosa, I adore you," said Trump, just before firing the reality TV star.