Olsen Twins: John Stamos Has "Good Feeling" Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Might Appear in Season Two of "Fuller House"

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The Olsen twins might show up in season two of Fuller House, if John Stamos's begging got to them. The actor and producer explained as a guest on the Today Show Friday that he did exactly that.

Matt Lauer asked Stamos if there was any chance the Olsen twins--who played the role of Michelle Tanner in Full House--might show up in a subsequent season.

"They're totally welcome. I was going to see Ashley last night and beg her to be on the show," John Stamos replied. "We would love to have them. I know everybody would love to see them. I have a good feeling about it."

A source tells E! News, however, that nothing has changed with regard to the Olsen twins and Fuller House, despite John Stamos's claims.

Series creator Jeff Franklin still hopes something can eventually be worked out to bring the Olsen twins on to the show--if only on an occasional basis.

"I am still hopeful that Mary-Kate or Ashley or both of them will come back and be a part of it, even if it's just for an hour. We miss that. Everybody does feel that hole in the family," he said before the first season premiered. "But it's like, all family reunions, there's always somebody that doesn't show up. But hopefully next time around, we'll have them back."

What's your take on John Stamos's comment about having begged Ashley Olsen to appear on Fuller House?

Do you expect the Olsen twins will ever make an appearance on the Full House reboot?

Neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley Olsen has acted in a very long time. The Olsen twins are successful New York fashion designers. It appears as though they've completely left their acting background in the dust.

What might it take to convince John Stamos the Olsen twins probably aren't going to appear on Fuller House--ever?

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