Olivia Wilde To Reprise Role As Quorra For "Tron 3"

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Olivia Wilde is set to star in Disney's Tron 3, a sequel to Tron: Legacy and the original 1982 Tron.

Olivia Wilde will reprise her role as selfless butt-kicking isomorphic algorithm Quorra. Garrett Hedlund will also be back as Sam, the son of the "creator" of the grid, which was played by Jeff Bridges in both the 1982 film and Legacy in 2010.

In the original Tron, Jeff Bridges is a computer programmer who is pulled into his own digtal world, The Grid, and must battle anthropomorphic programs.

Bridges returned in Legacy to play the same character, but his son, Sam, embarks on a journey into The Grid to find his long-lost dad.

Olivia Wilde's Quorra was Bridges' sidekick and pupil in Legacy, who was learning from Bridges how to "take herself out of the equation".

Tron was never a big hit at the box office, however, it being the first movie to use extensive computer-generated effects, it developed a large cult following.

Tron: Legacy, with Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, didn't do much better. Legacy had a $170 million budget, but only grossed $172 million in America.

Tron: Legacy made over $228 million overseas, but studios see a smaller cut of international revenue and it didn't make it a success.

But, just like Tron, Tron: Legacy developed a following and became a slow-burning hit.

Joseph Kosinski will return as the director, and shooting is rumored to begin in the fall in Vancouver, Canada.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Olivia Wilde, as Quorra, in action again?

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