Olivia Wilde On Filming Her Creepy New Role In "The Lazarus Effect"

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Olivia Wilde is one super creeper in her new movie, The Lazarus Effect.

The usually gorgeous actress plays the fiance of Mark Duplass. In the movie, Olivia Wilde dies and is resurrected with their new invention.

However, Olivia Wilde doesn't come back exactly the same. Well, not the same at all, actually.

Olivia Wilde is now a murderous and terrifying ghoul.

I mean, Olivia Wilde really transforms into something out of your worst nightmare. Check it out:

Olivia Wilde sat down on Today to talk about her role.

She began the interview with a quip, saying that 15 years of PMS prepared her for this heinous role.

Hot date night with the one and only @amandadecadenet.

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Olivia Wilde also described how she loved to creep out the cast and crew with her horrific makeup.

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Olivia Wilde also told Us Weekly about her love/hate relationship with the horror genre that began as a child.

"I get way into it and I’m just locked in it," Olivia Wilde said.

She added, "I don’t think I yell and scream. I just internalize all the terror and take it with me, in the worst possible way. I’ve always been into it. I used to have a little horror fiction library in my bedroom when I was a kid... I had all the R.L. Stine [books]. I mean anything you know, Frankenstein, I had anything that freaked me out."

Maybe all that childhood research into horror helped Olivia Wilde look so natural in the role of this resurrected evil being. (shudder)

What do you think? Does Olivia Wilde make an amazing creeper, or what?

Are you dying to see The Lazarus Effect?

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