Olivia Munn Shows Up Beau Aaron Rodgers During Training

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Olivia Munn has been training hard for her role in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film, and she recently posted a video on Instagram showing just how well her training has gone.

Munn--who will be playing Psylocke in the 2016 movie--shows off her impressive sword-play moves, spinning it with one hand until it becomes a blur as her boyfriend tries--and fails--to mimic her moves. Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers practices with his own staff in the video and doesn't quite make it, much to the amusement of Munn's Instagram followers.

The video already has over 35,000 likes on the image-sharing site and has garnered over 3,500 comments, with many of her fans excited to see a sneak preview of her skills.

Learned some new tricks...

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Munn told Conan O'Brien recently that when she first met Rodgers, she didn't know what he did for a living, much less understand how big he is in the football world.

"When I met him, I said, 'So, what do you do?' And he's like, 'Oh, I play football.' I go, 'Cool, what college?' He's like, 'Oh no, I play professionally.' I go, 'Cool, what position?' He's like, 'Quarterback.' That was kinda it, not knowing that he's like, you know, Super Bowl MVP, or any of those things,... All I saw was that he was really attractive. I didn't really care what he did," Olivia said.

For Rodgers, dating an actress came with the need for understanding regarding the media and how tabloids race to cover their relationship, but he told ESPN that he's okay with it.

“For one, I’m real happy in my relationship. And I understand what comes with it. And two, the last couple years I’ve learned a lot about perspective and what’s important. And, that you cannot, when you’ve had success individually and collectively as a team and you are highlighted for the things you’ve done on the field and off the field, you cannot hide from the spotlight. You have to learn to embrace it.”

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