Olivia Munn and Stephen Colbert Have Fun with Her Engagement Rumors


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Olivia Munn is not engaged to longtime boyfriend and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, according to Munn herself. But that hasn't stopped the internet rumor mill from turning.

Earlier this week, tabloid reports said that Munn and Rodgers had gotten engaged over the holidays.

Munn publicly denied the rumors, posting this hilarious text conversation with her mother on Instagram:

But Stephen Colbert wasn't done confusing Munn's mother. Munn appeared on The Late Show this week, and Colbert decided to have some fun.

Colbert asked is he could text Munn's mother, and she obliged.

"Kim, Colberto here. So happy for the engagement!" he texted.

Munn later posted her mom's response:

Once again, Olivia Munn is not engaged. Watch her say it herself: