Oksana Baiul Says She Was Taken Advantage Of

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Oksana Baiul says she's owed at least $1 million by former agents, who took advantage of the fact that she didn't understand the terms of her contract at age 16 because of a language barrier.

Ukraine-born Baiul is now suing the William Morris Endeavor Agency over the matter, claiming she's owed money for several projects, including a jewelry line and two books. She also alleges that portions of her pay went to people she doesn't even know, and says the agency used language in the contracts that was difficult for her to comprehend.

Baiul discovered the discrepancy when she hired a new finance manager last year, who launched an investigation into her earnings.

The 35-year old came from rocky beginnings in Ukraine, raised by her mother and then orphaned as a teen when she died of cancer. She eventually found a home with a renowned figure-skating coach and made her way to the U.S., where she dominated in the sport and took home a gold medal in the 1994 Olympics.

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