Oklahoma Tornado: Bank Vault Saves 24 Lives


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Today, the nation watched as the aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma F5 tornado poured in. Stories continued as the day went on, and while prayers were said, and people worried for the victims, stories of inspiration presented themselves as well. Whether it was a victim being reunited with her dog, Kevin Durant donating $1 million to Red Cross, or first responders doing everything they could for the victims.

For 24 people at the Tinker Federal Credit Union in Moore, OK, they were able to find safety in a bank vault, as the building and everything around it was devastated. As you can see by the image below, the vault was able to stay grounded as 200+ MPH winds demolished the aluminum, wood, and everything else in the building around them.


Matt Stratton, vice president of marketing for TFCU, said this of reconstruction efforts for the credit union, "I feel certain we will build a new branch there. It’s been a very successful location for us, a very popular branch amongst our members."

According to Stratton, employees of the credit union had homes destroyed in the tornado, and he said they'd work with them any way they could. The credit union manager was dedicated to his job as well, staying at the vault until it could be locked and secured.

[H/T Story & Image: Cutimes.com]