Ok, Finland, You've Scared Me into Never Drinking Around My Kids [VIDEO]

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I don't have children, but if I did I imagine I probably wouldn't want to get hammered drunk in front of them. Apparently, that sentiment isn't shared by everyone, and Finnish group Lasinen lapsuus (Fragile Childhood) is fighting to get the message out that children are truly affected by their parents' alcohol abuse.

"The campaign activities are also to highlight the fact that is still not widely understood how much harm parental drinking problems causes to children. For example, previous research has shown that every fourth Finnish child has suffered some harm because of its parent's alcohol usage," they say.

And to make this message hit home, they've taken to YouTube with a nightmarish PSA.

The following Public Service Announcement is brought to you by terror, giant fish-rabbits, wtf, and the letter NOPE.

"How do our children see us when we've been drinking?" it asks. Check it out below:

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