Ohio State Upset By Michigan State, BCS Title Hopes Are Crushed

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Ohio State came into the Big Ten Championship as the No.2 ranked team in the nation, and had a lot to prove against the Michigan State Spartans. They had the opportunity to go to the BCS National Championship if they were to beat the Spartans, but the Buckeyes fell short.

Throughout this season, the Spartans have proved to be the top defense in the league, and their game against Ohio State was no different. Earlier this season, they held their Wolverine rivals to only 6 points, and prevented them from scoring when MSU beat Michigan. As a team that often piles on the points, and has been known to dominate their opponents during this season, MSU held Ohio State to only 24 points.

The final score of the game was 34-24 in favor of the Spartans, and the win secured a spot in the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1988. It is a big deal for the Michigan State team and all of its fans to be able to defeat Ohio State, win the Big Ten Championship, and head to the Rose Bowl all in one game.

The ironic thing is that the only loss that Michigan State experienced all year was against Notre Dame, and if it had not been for some bad calls, they may be in contention for the BCS National Championship right now. It could even be argued that they played a tougher schedule than Ohio State, especially before the conference schedule started, when MSU experienced their loss.

After a touchdown pass that Cook threw to give the Spartans a 27-24 lead, he said of their team, "I think we were underdogs in the majority of the games we played this year. It really didn't affect us." They proved on the national stage during this game that they can rise above the hype, and defeat anyone.

It was a very impressive game for the Spartans, and their quarterback Connor Cook passed for a career-high 304 yards and three touchdowns. Despite the fact MSU was #10 coming into the game with an undefeated record in the Big Ten, they are often not given the credit that they deserve.

The win for MSU also snaps Ohio States 24-game winning streak, forces them out of the BCS title game, and gives Urban Meyer his first loss as the coach of Ohio State. MSU fought hard and got the win, and as coach Mark Dantonio said after the game, "They believed. They believed. Nobody else around them believed."

In addition to everything that was at stake for MSU and OSU, the SEC and Auburn fans around the country were pulling hard for MSU to get the upset as well. It is not often that the BCS National Championship sees an SEC team left out, and this year will be no different.

With Ohio State losing, it gives Auburn the opportunity to play for the national championship, due to their SEC Championship Game win yesterday against Missouri, and their ability to defeat Alabama in the Iron Bowl last weekend. Auburn will meet Florida State in the national championship, an undefeated team that beat Duke 45-7 in ACC Championship Game.

After Ohio State has been upset, Michigan State is set to play against Stanford in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. However, Ohio State's fate has yet to be determined.

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