Ohio State Moonwalk Halftime Show A Hit

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College marching bands are often pretty impressive and can pull off some pretty creative field patterns, but the Ohio State University Marching Band takes the cake with their newest formation, a moonwalking Michael Jackson.

The band's halftime show was a tribute to Michael Jackson's album "Bad." The band played several popular Michael Jackson songs, including Bad," "Smooth Criminal" and "Man in the Mirror." There entire halftime show lasts around 9 minutes but the best part of the show happens about half way through it.

As the band creates the formation of a person, it also appears to moonwalk across the field. You can even see Michael Jackson's signature white glove in the formation. The Ohio State University Marching Band is known for their impressive halftime shows and have earned the nickname "The Best Damn Band In The Land."

This awesome formation not only impressed fans at the game, it quickly became a huge Youtube sensation. Other marching bands have created themed halftime shows and tribute shows as well. Saturday, October 19 was the debut of the Michael Jackson tribute and the band will likely perform it throughout most of the season.

Image from Twitter.

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