Ohio River Ghost Ship: Where Did It Come From?

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The Ohio River is full of history and mysteries and while you may find a lot of things on and alongside the river, a ghost ship doesn't seem like something that would be a common discovery. Several kayakers found the ghost ship while out exploring and decided that they just had to explore it.

Although the ghost ship itself was amazing, the history and stories behind it are even more interesting. The boat was towed to the tributary where it was recently rediscovered because it belonged to the landowner. Before finding it's fate in the Ohio River, the boat played several important roles.

The ship was first used as a sight seeing boat in New York City. It would take riders up and down the Hudson River, showing them all the popular attractions and landmarks. When the United States entered WWI, the ship was repurposed for war. It was also used in WWII.

Thomas Edison used the ship to experiment with communications technology and it even appeared in the music video for Madonna's Papa Don't Preach track. The ship was finally retired in the 80's when it was towed to the Ohio River tributary.

Over time the once great ship was reclaimed my nature and although much of it is still intact, the remains of the ship are covered in rust and hidden by plants.

To the locals who are familiar with the tributary where the ship is located, the ghost ship is just a fun landmark and something that many people have already explored. Those who are just learnign about the ship are excited to hear more about it.

Once the kayakers who found the ship posted photos, many people began to ask about the location of the ship, hoping to explore it themselves. Local warn that the property owners do not like trespassers and have been known to chase them away with shotguns. Nonetheless, visiting the Queen City ghost ship will become a quest for amateur explorers and adventurers. Hopefully visitors will be respectful of the ship and property owners.

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