Ohio Judge Allegedly Poisoned by Wife

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The wife of an Ohio county judge is sitting in jail for allegedly poisoning her husband. Carla Rae Hague is a 71-year-old retired nurse who has been married to Charles Hague, a Ohio judge, for 45 years. She is being held in a jail adjacent to the courthouse where her husband is a judge. Carla Hague has been charged of poisoning Charles Hague with ethylene glycol, a substance commonly known as antifreeze. She now faces felony assault charges as well as charges of tampering with evidence according to the County Sheriff.

After suffering the effects of the antifreeze, Judge Hague had to be rushed to a hospital in Ashtabula County back in September. According to the sheriff's office, they received a phone call from Charles Hague's family members on September 19. His family filed a complaint after hospital tests revealed that high levels of antifreeze was found in Judge Hague’s body. Carla was arrested on December 2 following the allegations.

The judge has been sitting on the Common Pleas Juvenile/ Probate Court for 2 decades now. Bill Johnson, Ashtabula County Sheriff told ABC News that the Hague family is well known in Ashtabula County.

“The investigation is just simply an investigation,” said the sheriff. “It is a little bit more sensitive because of him being a sitting judge, but we would handle it the same way no matter who it would be in an investigation.”

The judge is currently recovering at home while the wife remains in jail. A grand jury for the case is expected to convene later this month to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to charge the judge's wife.

The motive for Carla Hague's alleged actions are unknown. The Hague family has no comment at this time.

(image via ABC News)

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