Obiwan Kenobi Arrested For Felony Hit And Run

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If you're going to legally change your name to that of a fictional Star Wars character for a radio station contest, you should probably make your fifteen minutes of fame really, really boss. Like, saving a child from a burning building boss. Apparently Benjamin Kale Feit thinks differently, as he's using his time in the spotlight to wreak havoc on the streets of California.

To save on confusion, I'll just refer to him by his legal name. Kenobi was arrested on a hit-and-run charge last week that involved at least five cars, which became a felony charge after police discovered he already had a warrant out for a misdemeanor petty theft. He spent five nights in jail and had a court date set for yesterday; no news yet on the judgement handed down, or how many times the judge had to stifle laughter when he read Kenobi's name out loud.

The name change was part of a 1999 radio contest for "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" and won Kenobi a cool $1,000. Too bad he can't perform a Jedi mind trick to make all this bad press go away.

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