ObamaCare: White House Says Delay Helps Insurers


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The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare, will see a delay in its second enrollment next year. Formerly slated to begin on October 15, 2014, it will now begin a month later on November 15th instead.

White House spokesman Jay Carney denies that the push is for tactical purposes, although it causes one to notice that the administration pushed the enrollment to a date a little past the November 4th elections. According to CNN, Carney states that the enrollment delay benefits insurers as well as citizens- it gives insurers more time to process and analyze the backload of information that they have had to deal with from the major website sign up issues, and that this proper analyzation should allow insurers to properly set fine-tuned rates for their new customer's needs.

Signup for the first enrollment has been slow; people are still figuring out what the Affordable Care Act is all about, and there is a good chance that the website gave them trouble once they decided to sign up. As the snags are being worked out and more people are learning about ObamaCare, Carney believes that many more people will have signed up by the time the March 31, 2014 first enrollment deadline rolls around.

It is likely that launching a new healthcare program to an entire country will have a few kinks. I personally think that a one-month delay, if applied for the right reasons, is understandable and should not cause much of an uproar.

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