Obama Gets to Watch Game of Thrones' New Season Before You Do

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A couple of weeks ago, we heard that President Obama asked HBO CEO Richard Plepler if he, as the most powerful man in the world, could please pretty pretty please get some advance episodes of Game of Thrones and True Detective–two of the company's most popular shows.

You can't really blame a guy for trying. I know I sure as hell would.

Well, it turns out those reports were true–and HBO obliged.

Speaking to Vanity Fair's Jim Windolf, Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff had this to say:

“One perk of being the most powerful man in the world: yes, you get to see episodes early."

So there you go. Fresh off binging on 13 episodes of House of Cards, President Obama is now making his way through the drama and dragons of Westeros way before you.

I guess House of Cards creator Beau Willimon said it best, when referring to the news that Obama was such a big fan of the show:

"On the one hand I was thrilled, and on the other hand I'm thinking '13 hours is a big chunk of your day.'"

Sadly, none of us are the President of the United States. That means that all we have until April 6th are trailers–glorious trailers, I'll admit, but still just trailers.


Image via Game of Thrones, Facebook

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