Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low in California


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With unrest increasing throughout many parts of the world and in the U.S., President Obama's national approval ratings continue to hover in the low 40s. In addition, new polling data is showing that the president may be losing support in Democrat strongholds as well.

A new poll released today by the Field Research corporation shows that Obama's approval rating has reached a new low in California. Just under 45 percent of those polled said that they approve of the way the president is handling his job, while over 43 percent disapprove.

The poll also shows that a majority of Californians think things are going poorly in the U.S. Just 36 percent of those polled said that the country is headed "in the right direction," while nearly 51 percent believe that things are "seriously off on the wrong track."

The president's national approval numbers also hit an all-time low recently. Near the end of October 2013 an NBC News poll pegged Obama's approval rating at just 42%. The low number came one month after the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act's (Obamacare's) online marketplace website.

October was also the month that congressional Republicans shut down the federal government in protest over Obamacare, contributing to low approval ratings for congress as well. The president has been battling low poll numbers since that time, despite increasingly positive news for Obamacare.

Obama's image problem is also being affected by foreign policy problems in the Middle East and Ukraine. Conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza last month raised tensions in the Middle East, as did the ongoing Syrian civil war. Meanwhile, Russia appears to have launched an invasion of Ukraine, causing headaches for NATO and its allies.

With midterm elections just months away, Republican congressional candidates are seizing on President Obama's unpopularity in their campaigns. With Republicans expected to increase their hold on the House and possibly gain control of the Senate, it seems clear that Washington will be as gridlocked as ever during the final two years of the Obama administration - a reality that could continue to push approval ratings down even further.