O.J. Simpson Not Pleased With FX Series, So Says Former Guard

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O.J. Simpson is none too pleased with FX's take on the "trial of the (last) century."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simpson, who was exonerated of the 1994 double murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, has not seen a single episode of FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, but he still has an opinion on the show.

Needless to say, O.J. is filled in about the show from everyone in his prison-world and reportedly believes the producers make him seem guilty of the brutal stabbing.

According to Jeffrey Felix, a now-retired guard who worked 20 years at the Lovelock Correctional Center where Simpson has been housed since his 2008 armed robbery conviction, Simpson's first issue is the casting of Cuba Gooding, Jr.

"[O.J.] knows he is taller. He knows he is better looking. He has a bigger head. He is more muscular," said Felix, who retired last September.

While the former guard has no contact with O.J. Simpson, his buddies at the prison fill him in.

"He is unhappy with the show because it is kind of making it seem like he is totally guilty," Felix says. Some of the guards have begun to make fun of Simpson because of the series, he adds.

Felix said "the Juice" is also angry over the series' depiction that Simpson failed a lie detector test.

"He told me he passed that [test] years ago," says Felix.

Felix said Simpson will not likely see the series until possibly next year when he is up for parole, and add that he believes the former Heismann Trophy winner has a very good shot at getting parole because he is a "model inmate."

"He is trying to lay low in there," Felix says. "He is doing a great job."

Pam Wright