Nvidia's GeForce Experience Enters Closed Beta


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PC gaming has come a long way since the DOS and command line era where gamers had to input commands to even get a game to run. If you have a capable system these days, most games just work. There is still a feeling, however, among some prospective PC gamers that it's still too complicated. Nvidia is going to start fixing that today.

Back in April, Nvidia teased the first details of its GeForce Experience software. The program seeks to automatically optimize any PC game for each user's unique system. Most PC games already offer an option that automatically picks out the optimum settings based on a user's system, but said options are woefully inaccurate. GeForce Experience uses a massive supercomputer that tests every possible configuration to give gamers the best possible experience.

A lot of seasoned PC gamers will probably not get much use out of this software, but it's not necessarily built for them. PC gaming has exploded over the past few years, and more people than ever are gaming on pre-built PCs and laptops. These people may automatically just assume that a game runs without every actually tweaking settings and .ini files. The GeForce Experience is for them.

As for the rest of us, you should check it out if only for the automatic driver updates. Nvidia is pretty awesome about staying on top of frequent driver updates, but you may forget to check every once in a while when a new one is made available. With GeForce Experience, PC gamers will never miss a driver update again.

The GeForce Experience is currently available in a closed beta that's open to the first 10,000 participants. You can download it here. Get to it before it's gone.