NPR's "Car Talk" Hosts Retire, Twitter Reacts

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For the longest time, whenever my family and I have gone on vacations and trips, on Saturday mornings, my dad has always wanted the radio turned to NPR for Car Talk, a talk show (hosted by National Public Radio) where listeners from all around America call in with their car conundrums and ask "Click and Clack" (Tom and Ray Magliozzi) for a cheap and easy resolution. With their answers, it's not just a simple "do this and do that," but they always throw in a little comedy in their responses as well.


Today (Friday, June 8th, 2012), NPR published a document from their Communications Department stating that the brothers will not record any new episodes of Car Talk this upcoming fall; however, their most well-known and favorite episodes will still continue to air on NPR.

The Magliozzi brothers also published a tweet on their @cartalk Twitter account announcing this news:

To keep their content fresh and diverse, the Car Talk production team will create new episodes with a mixed range of content from shows of past seasons.

The document from NPR concludes their report with the following statement:

"The brothers will mark their 25th anniversary on NPR this fall, and then put the series in the hands of their producers, who will continue to produce the show."

To see a blog post from the Magliozzi brothers themselves about their upcoming retirement, click here.

The Twitter community has been very active in reacting to this news and saying their goodbyes:

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