Noelle Bush: Dad Jeb Shares Her Addiction Story, Calling Her 'Courageous'

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Noelle Bush — who has had a long battle with addiction — is considered "a courageous young woman" by her father, presidential contender Jeb Bush.

Bush opened up about his daughter's struggles on Tuesday at a forum on heroin addiction, sharing how his family dealt with his daughter's difficulties, which has included some jail time after she was found with pills and then crack cocaine in her shoe. She previously faced felony charges when she was 24 after she tried to fill a fraudulent prescription for Xanax.

"What I learned was that the pain that you feel when you have a loved one who has addiction challenges, and kind of spirals out of control, is something that is shared with a whole lot of people," he said of the family's struggles while he was governor of Florida.

According to the New York Times, Bush received permission from Noelle, who is now in recovery, before sharing her story at the forum.

During his speech, Jeb Bush praised his daughter for her resolve to overcome addiction.

"She is a courageous young woman," he said.

This isn't the first time Bush has spoken out on his daughter's struggles. He he wrote an emotional blog post on Medium about his daughter and how she was scrutinized in the press. According to the Times, after she was arrested, both the Florida and national newspapers chronicled her travails with brutal headlines.

"As a father, I have felt the heartbreak of drug abuse," Jeb Bush wrote in the blogpost. "I never expected to see my precious daughter in jail. It wasn't easy, and it became very public when I was governor of Florida, making things even more difficult for Noelle. She went through hell, so did her mom, and so did I."

Pam Wright