No Man's Sky Was The Biggest Surprise At VGX


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To many, this year's VGX was a disappointment on many levels. For some, it was a lack of respect for gamers and the medium. For others, it was a lack of new game reveals. The former will hopefully be fixed next year, but the latter got some help in the form of a new game from Hello Games.

On Saturday night, Hello Games, makers of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie, revealed their next project - No Man's Sky. Whereas Joe Danger was a platformer/racing hybrid in the vein of Excitebike, No Man's Sky is an ambitious procedurally generated universe where every planet and space encounter is unique. It's a game entirely focused on exploration where the player can travel to wherever they want.

In the debut trailer, we're treated to some very beautiful environments as well as some of the exploration-based gameplay that gamers can expect. It also seems that player will get caught up in massive space conflicts between space cruisers.

There's no release date set for No Man's Sky, but the developers say it should be out in 2014. There were no platforms mentioned, but I'm going to wager it's coming to next-gen consoles and PC.

[Image: gametrailers/YouTube]